Child Abuse

Andrew Philips had to be taken to hospital after finding out he will serve at least 11 years behind bars for sexually abusing 3 boys.

Do you feel sorry for him ?
Yeah, neither do we… our thoughts are with the survivors and their families, not with predators who spend their lives destroying childrens ability to trust and their sense of self worth.

So, thank you to the person who was so strongly concerned for the welfare of child rapists that they felt it necessary to tell us we would be going to hell for “sharing our lies” and making their lives miserable, but I think you’ll find that hell is not a threat to survivors, we are very familiar with it, thanks to those you choose to defend… the child predators who abused us.

Hence one of our hashtags #FromHellWeRise because we’ve been to hell and our mission is now to prevent any more children from being dragged there by child rapists, abusers and sex offenders.

Oh and by the way… all of FACAA’s posts are able to be googled and fact checked, so if you feel you’ve been lied to….. you probably have, but not by us.

So…….back to raising awareness of these predators who can, like Mr Philips, enter our houses via the internet, send explicit photos to our children and groom them right under our noses.

A South Australian paedophile who sexually abused a young boy at his home while his parents slept will spend at least 11 years behind bars. The court heard Andrew Thomas Philips bribed three young boys with soft drink, ice cream and money before repeatedly abusing them, until his 2017 arrest.

On Thursday the 53-year-old was jailed for crimes including the persistent sexual exploitation of a child, maintaining an unlawful relationship with a child, disseminating child exploitation material and gross indecency.

Apparently he became quite ill in the dock, sobbing uncontrollably and even vomiting. Must be hard to know that your vile crimes have been revealed for the whole world to know and that you are about to go behind bars for them.
Must be hard to know that the whole world now sees you for the depraved monster you are and not the facade you have hidden behind for so long.

Yeah, must be hard, but you know what…. It’s a LOT harder for your survivors to live with the horrendous trauma you made them endure !
So cry me a river you evil mongrel !

South Australian District Court Judge Geraldine Davison said Philips’ offending was a “gross breach of trust” and fell into the most serious category.

She said he preyed on a 13-year-old boy on several occasions as he walked home from school, and in his house as his parents slept.

Another victim was abused over several months and bribed with ice cream, while a third was offered $50 to expose himself in a public park.

Philips was arrested after he was confronted by the boy’s father, and his computer and memory cards were seized by police.

FACAA would like to applaud this brave young survivor who did the right thing and went to his dad who dealt with the situation properly, as a father, I know that must have been tough to not take matters into your own hands. Kudos Sir ! If we can help you or your son with our Phoenix programs in any way please drop us an inbox !

Officers found more than 200 online chats, of which 137 featured child exploitation material sent from Philips’ account.
So in 137 out of 200 online conversations Philips sent inappropriate images to the children he was speaking to, images of himself or of other children being sexually abused.

This is why we constantly reinforce the importance of monitoring your children’s social media accounts. These predators are extremely well rehearsed, they know how to manipulate children and children do not yet have the experience to know that these predators are dangerous.

Philips had more than 1000 images and videos of child exploitation material on two SD cards, and police discovered he had asked children to send him images online.

“You have, by your offending behaviours, changed the course of the lives of at least three families and probably many more,” Judge Davison said.

Philips held his head in his hands and sobbed throughout the sentencing hearing, which had to be adjourned twice after he fell ill. Poor baby, Paramedics treated him inside the court and he was later carried out on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance, shielding his face and making no comment to media.

Judge Davison imposed a 14-year head sentence with an 11-year non-parole period. Taking into account time already spent in custody, Philips will be eligible for parole in 2028.

So in a decade he gets out, we can only hope by that time he will have been ravaged by the passing of time and incapable of hurting anymore children.

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6 thoughts on “Child Abuse”

  1. Yes, it’s not as if pedophiles can’t help themselves. They can but the problem is they won’t. That’s why repeat offenders should be castrated.

    1. I’d like to add that many pedophiles happen to be politicians, such as the notorious Edward Heath and Cyril Smith in England. It appears to be impossible to bring them to justice because they have power and influence. They also have the ability to neuter law enforcement. In the US children are trafficked for sex with help from the police. The CIA notoriously deals not only in drugs but in children too and controls a huge worldwide pedophile network.

      1. How disgusting, those in high places are guilty too. My Father, Commissioner of Police in the old days told a story of ” Rogue Cops. ” It was extremely deadly. Evil is in all places 😨😨

  2. I feel sorry for the victims of this pedophile and think it would be just to have him castrated as well as the ten years imprisonment so the low life can neverabuse another child.

    1. Ken there lies the problem. Justice system doesn’t know what to do. These men do re-offend. The Taxpayers foot the bill for the paedophile. Treatments do not work. We just have rely on the prisoners to do the job on them. That is successful. 😁

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