Child Abuse

Cindy Lee Palmer, mother of murdered schoolgirl Tiahleigh, is suing the foster “care” system that placed her daughter with her raping and murdering foster “family.”
It’s about time they were held accountable !

We would like to see the entire family care system investigated with a Royal Commission, too many vulnerable children are being made to suffer unnecessarily. It’s time things changed and everyone involved in the process be held to account.

Until then, this may be the only way to actually hold the state and the foster care agency responsible for placing Tiahleigh with the foster family who raped her, murdered her and then covered the whole thing up and we at FACAA hope Cindy is successful !

Cindy Lee Palmer, now known as Cyndi Uluave, is seeking compensation from the government or foster agency Key Assets after her daughter was murdered in 2015 by her foster father Rick Thorburn, The Courier-Mail reports.

We all remember the tragic tale of Tiahleigh Palmer, the innocent child who was placed in foster care with the disgusting Thorburn family.

The 18 year old son Trent raped (she was too young to consent) the 12 year old Tiahleigh and the entire family then colluded to cover up the incest. (QLD law doesn’t differentiate between blood relatives and foster relatives, hence why it is called incest.)
The “father” Rick Thorburn murdered Tiahleigh and left her body on the banks of The Pimpama River, then the entire family lied to cover it up !

Tiahleigh was a vulnerable 12 year old girl in need of a safe place to stay, a sanctuary, she should not have been placed with the Thorburns where she was preyed upon !

She was an innocent who deserved to live a long and happy life. Someone should be held accountable to stop this from happening again.

According to 9 news Ms Palmer said she suffered trauma when she discovered the 12-year-old was sexually abused by stepbrother Trent then killed by Trent’s biological father Rick Thorburn.

Ms Palmer is claiming undisclosed damages from the Queensland state government or foster care agency Key Assets after the slaying that shocked Queensland and sparked a review into the foster care and Blue Card systems.

Ms Palmer’s case is currently in a pre-court disclosure period during which lawyers are expected to negotiate a financial settlement. In the event that a mutual agreement is not reached, the case will proceed to court.

The fact is the Thorburn family (who still show up to kids dance competitions and no one throws them out despite the fact that one son is an incestuous child rapist and both sons lied to cover up the murder of a child), are the only ones to blame for the murder of Tiahleigh, however the child care system is responsible for ensuring children are placed in safe homes. This was not a safe arrangement and Tiahleigh paid with her life.

All of the Thorburns are now free except for the father Rick Thorburn who will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering his foster child Tiahleigh. He will need to serve 20 years in prison before being eligible for parole on September 12, 2036.

So we at FACAA hope Cindy Lee Palmer cleans up and absolutely hammers the agency and as a result all child care agencies make massive wholesale changes to ensure that children are protected while in care !

Sadly they won’t change until they are forced to and hopefully fear of financial loss will make sure all children are protected and safe from abuse in out of home care situations !

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