FACAA’s Phoenix program has been nominated for the “Outstanding Youth work project” in the 2018 NSW Youth Work Awards.

As you all know the Phoenix survivor’s program is our flagship survivor’s healing program, it was literally how we started by matching survivors of child abuse up with martial arts instructors willing to help them heal, now it’s grown to helping over 500 people every single week with basically any self empowering activity such as martial arts and combat sports, boxing, gymnastics, dance, gymnasium access, personal trainers, drum and base classes… the list goes on.

To say we are proud of our unique way of healing survivors of child abuse is an understatement, the program’s results speak for themselves. Every week we get dozens of inboxes with our clients in their uniforms or with their gloves on or with weights on their backs or with their leotards on absolutely beaming with pride !

We have success story after success story from this program, it is called in modern trauma based therapies “body work” and people are starting to realize what we’ve known for years and that is the best way to heal the trauma in the mind is to move the body, release the endorphins and give the survivor something to be proud of !

Our Phoenix program has one goal, like all our programs its exclusive goal is to end child abuse once and for all, to do this the Phoenix program breaks the cycle of child abuse one survivor at a time, by taking them out of the cycle of child abuse (self medicating, not reaching fullest potential, turning to a life of crime related to the self medication and so on and so on). The Phoenix survivor’s healing program will help end child abuse once and for all by breaking the cycle of child abuse one survivor at a time, one survivor at a time we will help them turn from victim, to survivor into thriver !

Now the Phoenix Survivor’s healing program has been recognized by more than the department of Justice and Victim’s services in various states but it would seem is also being recognized by the general public as our little flagship program has now been nominated for a Youth work award !

The charity has been nominated for outstanding youth work program (the Phoenix survivor’s healing program) , outstanding youth work charity (FACAA) and Breakout youth charity (FACAA).

We will of course be attending the youth work awards and will be going not to win an award (if we do hey bonus) but more to meet other youth workers and network in order to open more doors for our clients, so we can help more clients to heal !

So come Thursday night we will be letting you know how it went down, we are up against some stiff competition in much more established charities but that doesn’t mean we won’t be going in with our usual positive outlook and if we don’t win all good we will have given out dozens of business cards and will hopefully be able to help a lot more clients with the new contacts made.

If you run an activity that you feel our clients (who are survivors of child abuse of all ages and all types of child abuse as well as being from all races, creeds, religions and socio-economic statuses we do not discriminate or ask any questions of our clients at all) please drop us an inbox, if you qualify we would love to have you on board as providers for the FACAA Phoenix program.

If you are someone who feels they could benefit from the healing of the FACAA Phoenix program please drop us an inbox and if we have someone locally available we would love to help you out.

Thank you to whomever nominated us for these awards, we don’t do the work we do for the awards but it does help to know people out there appreciate what we do enough to nominate us for these awards.

FACAA Phoenix program ! helping to end child abuse by healing one survivor at a time ! Now nominated for the NSW Youth work awards !

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