“BILATERALITY, A Taoist Principle!


“BILATERALITY, A Taoist Principle!” a poem Monday: October 8, 2018 DISCLAIMER: “Remember Facebook Friends: None of these poems is addressing anyone’s issues! JUST MINE! For I am CERTAINLY NOT one to suggest anything to/for anyone; I can barely negotiate my own life!! So, all these poems (and the characters therein) are just MY INNER DEMONS, being addressed by The Way of The Poet!” 🙂 – !

“I’ve had enough of X & Y – I’m into BLOCKING MODE!

I WILL DELETE – I WILL EXPUNGE – &-release-my-HEAVY-load,

No matter how – that-might-impact – anyone-else you see,

FOR I AM UNILATERAL! Yea! (pause) It’s-UNILATERAL- for me!”

“Well, now, my Darling – I’m-submissive-to-your-every-whim,

And so, of course, you are SO right – to block out her and him,

And them & those & that & why & oh-my-and-oh, yes,

Your judgment! It is flawless! sacred, more or less!”

“Well-now, I’M UNILATERAL! But! What of YOUR opinion?

Do YOU THINK – I’ve ‘jumped the gun,’ not being enough ‘minion?’

Pray-tell, my Love, what do you think? What IS BEST to do?”

“Well, what-about BI-LATERAL? A thing for me AND you?”

“How does it work? and-do-I-have (pause) THE FINAL SAY, I hope?!”

“Well, well, it does not work that way, but PLEASE, my Love – don’t mope!

I will explain it just a bit – to see what you might think!”

“OK! All right! BUT – PLEASE be brief; I think I’m on The Brink,

Of deleting – and deciding – (pause) what to do RIGHT NOW,

Of burning bridges – and-co-ordinating – and telling people how,

I KNOW – that they should live their lives; I’VE GOT THE ‘INSIDE TRACK,’

So, go ahead, but please be brief – or I-must-give-YOU-’The Sack!’”

“Thanks, my Love – well – it works like this: A-decision? (&) 2-people-choose,

On a ‘course’ they-agree-upon, where, hopefully, neither-will-lose,

Where the fine couple – are-both-OK – with what they choose to do,

With an issue, that affects them both – AND – This is nothing new!

It has been done – for a long time – 2 people! ONE DECISION,

AND – IF they can’t decide right then – THEY WAIT! until clear vision,

Manifests, to show the way; for, when-things-are-too-uncertain,

WAITING’S GOOD! Just have a drink! and-snuggle-behind-THE CURTAIN!

So, there, my Dear – BILATERAL – Two people + one course of action!”

But my sweet-Honey – was-fast-asleep – Her mind! It was in traction!

I guess the concept was TOO MUCH – for her to grasp right now,

And, when that happens, SLEEP I S BEST! (It-is) a Principle of The Tao!

fin <3