Be a Better Leader

Respect their time. No matter where you are on the corporate ladder, everyone’s time is important and showing that you respect their time speaks volumes about you. Set up reminders to prompt you in advance for a meeting you’re supposed to attend so that you’ll be able to get there on time. Take a break, often. It’s important to leave some white space in your daily schedule every day to recharge. Constant work does not necessarily lead to higher productivity. The best ideas come when you’re relaxed. Slow down, let your mind drift, and give yourself time for contemplation and reflection. Keep your ears open. Smart leaders recognize that they need to stop talking and start listening.

Volunteer and offer your time. Get involved in community and charitable programs. Be part of a food drive at your local church or mentor kids at a youth development workshop. Work smart, not hard. Effective leaders understand that it’s not the number of hours you put in that count; it’s the results that you get. Learn how to avoid time traps and focus on how much you get done, not the effort you put in. Make the most efficient use of your time by delegating tasks so you can focus on the things that really matter.