I-tell-ya!  ‘Twas an awful sight!

“Dispatching T-workers At The Gate!” a poem October 30, 2018 – Tuesday

The Backyard Gate collapsed last night,

I-tell-ya! ‘Twas an awful sight!

It came unhinged, and so have I;

A hanging gate can make you cry!

Despite repairs to keep it swingin’ –

Such despair – our GATE is bringin’ –

For this might be The Gate from (to) Hell,

And if-it-don’t-close – so very-well,

On Halloween – “things” might come through:

Goblins, immigrants – and ghouls too!!

What-about IF we dig a hole,

And plant (right there) a big ol’ pole?*

And implant holders in the side!

Then, once attached, the-gate’ll-swing-wide,

BUT – also – close-quite-easily,

And keep-out “the dead” – and the sleez-i-ly,

Deer(s) and dogs – and migrant workers!

We’ll get Trump – to post some TWERKERS (T-workers),

Girls, right there, with big ol’ butts,

Stinky ones! with scabs & ruts!!

They’ll prevent entrance – when the gate is ope’ –

This way – we won’t have to mope!

We’ll be SECURE – with our gate true,

A strong, swinging gate, for me and you –

And, on Halloween, when “small ones” invade,

They will not cross – The GATE we’ve made!! 🙂 – yup!

fin. ❤


* – a 4″ x 4″ stud, about 8 – 10 inches down! 🙂


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