Live a simple, uncluttered and productive existence.

To simplify your life today, consider selling your television, stopping the junk mail, spending less, learning yoga, selling your car, practising meditation every morning and unplugging your ringing phone once in a while.

If you have not laughed today, you have not lived today.

Laugh hard and loud.
As William James said: “we don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh.”

As William James said: “we don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh.”

Travel often.

The perspective offered by visiting new lands is important and allows one to appreciate the existence that we generally take for granted.

Each month set a physical fitness goal for yourself.

Start to swim in July or learn to ski in January.

The key is to arrive at a goal for the month, write it down, consider how to execute it and then, as the NIKE ad says: “Just Do It!”.

Things are always created twice. There is always the mental creation which precedes the physical creation.

Just as plans for a house must first be set down on paper before the house is started, so too should your day be planned within your mind early in the morning before the day begins.

Visualize the wonders you desire this life to bring and they will materialize as your subconscious mind starts to focus on the attainment of goals. This is a true law of Nature.

WALK to work in the wonderful beauty in Nature.

Sleep less, spend less, do more, live longer and be greater.

Kindness is a many splendid thing, be grateful for the roof over your head.

Give out GRATITUDE for their acceptance of you

MANNERS is your responsibility



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