“NEW LIFE NEW HOPE NEW WORDS!” a poem of refine-ation! October 29, 2018 – Moon Day

Our Jack* has REALLY been through “stuff,

And Life may NEVER say: “Enough!!”

The Net Effect? Well, who can tell!?

After folks have been through Hell!

Jack did-visit-(Hell) for a season;

Who can really give a reason,

But, let’s assume “a noble spin,”

And that, perhaps, our Jack can win!

Some-folks see Jack as really “scarred,”

Marked for life – and scars are hard!

Yet, maybe “scarred” could be replaced:

“REFINED!” suggests that he’s been graced!


That – once burned down, we STILL CAN BLOOM!! 🙂

fin ❤

“WORDS!”** a poem of refine-ation 2!

Quite out-of-the-blue (has this happened to you?)

“You’ve been SCARRED!” said to me;

Damaged goods? Let me see:

“No! Refined is*** my state!!

And our love – It is GREAT!”

Words can build – or tear down;

Create HAPPY – or-a-frown!!

They’ll-help-kids, IF well chosen,

Or – install – [too bad!] “Frozen!”

As I’ve said (too)-oft’-before:


And-ADJECTIVES are the key,

For they-label – easily!

We have many to choose,

So we surely won’t lose!

I-prefer-a-flavor that’s fine,

One on which we might dine!

Not too spicy or bland –

CAREFUL! (with) WORDS! Understand? fin. ❤ ❤

* – substitute any name you might like here! For instance: just The Letter J!!

** – of Life or Death!!

*** – could be!! 🙂


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