“BEING EASY WITH THE PENDULUM OF LIFE!” a Sunday poem October 28, 2018

Isn’t EMPTY – just-a-state-of-mind? And-being-FULL-may-be-too!

Can-we-be-neither-full-nor-empty? Really, what is true?

The opposite of boring – may-be crea-ti-vi-ty!

Our body-mind connection(s) – It’s all a mystery!

I’ve been too-filled at times, I think -EXTREMES ARE QUITE THE THING!

Observing-our-moods – as-a-pendulum – has a “classic ring!”

We-say (that) “Seeking balance – is-a – good employ,”

But-a-pendulum’s never balanced! It is a swinging toy.

Our moods & our emotions – seem to swing around,

Some we like – (pause) However! (pause) Some – we’ve found,

Are-not-too-enlivening – and those we’d lose,

IF WE COULD! So – some folks take-to booze,

To numb the feelings, for comfort’s sake,

But, when you’re back to sober, you’ve got to take,

All your moods, and TOUCH EACH ONE,

Which might be pretty difficult! BUT! It could be fun,(!?)

IF we can be “open,” and not be too choosy:

Let’s love THEM all a little bit – without being “booze-y!”

EMPTY’s-about SITTING – and being “strong(?)”

And knowing that the pendulum – does not last too long,

At any point – for it’ll swing the other way!

Sometimes – life APPEARS in technicolor – and sometimes “gray,”

And neither is THAT bad – but neither is so good,

But-we-tend-to-think-we’d-always-like-to-be-”colored” – IF WE COULD!

Yet, without some low, you can’t really savor the high,


So, let’s sit together – hold hands – and smile,

And thank our lucky stars – we got each other all the while!

Tapping-on the third eye – to the sides – and down the face,

Might be helpful too – to LET GO – and welcome some Grace,

To accept and surrender – This life’s got it all!!!

As high as we might get, we’re likely to fall,

And, whether you’re full or empty, or if you’re up or down,

There’s often THIS or THAT – you can smile or frown,

But – letting go of judgment may be the quickest way to PEACE OF MIND,

And we can handle a lot, but, without PEACE, we’re “in a bind!”


My IDEA – of a GOOD TIME? is Being With You!*

fin ❤

* – which can even be just thinking about you – and how wonderful you are – and how perfect – in all your moods – and all your ways!


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