For FIVE decades Kamahl has been delivering powerful performances with his music… the irony of this for me, is in the notion that his most lasting powers are in his delivery and sharing of inspired prose. Listen to INVICTUS, and judge for yourself the emotionally charged words embedded in his rendering. I’m repeatedly moved by Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address which Kamahl gifted to President Obama, but, this piece, done in the spirit of the INVICTUS Games, will long be remembered as one of the best deliveries of any prose in the English language I can recall. Please, take a moment to hear the heart-felt emotion of the spoken word for yourself. Hard to believe this poem, went unnamed for over 10 years, and sat in a desk drawer. Share at Will… I will! Prince Harry of Sussex was not the only one in the room to give its delivery a ‘royal’ thumb’s up.


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