“SOMETHING FROM NOTHING!” a poem October 26, 2018 – Freya’s Day

There’s nothing here; there’s nothing there!

Why-do-you-persist? Please! Stop your stare!!

I “clicked” it ONCE! “THERE’S NOTHING HERE!”

I WILL persist – I shed a tear –

I “clicked” it TWICE! Still! Nothing came,

As-was before! Is-it-all-the-same?

I “clicked” again – A SONG CAME ON!!

But! Where’s it from? Will it be gone,

If-I-”click”-again? or – Will it stay?

There’s-such-uncertainty!! Every-DAY!


So, I’ll just “click!” And-persistence-might-bring,

SOMETHING FROM NOTHING! But – How can that be?

This-is-SO-crazy!! Wouldn’t-you-agree?

So! Who-am-I-speaking-to? IS IT YOU I SEE?

Or – Have you vanished? Are YOU – then – ME?

fin ❤

Postscript-ual Poetry!?

[It’s good to persist!-If-you-think-the-song-is-pretty!

Persistence!-Can-bring-MAGIC! Will-someone – TAKE PITY?]


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