“WHAT’S NAUGHTY; WHAT’S TERRIBLE?” 🤐a poem a.k.a.: “Who’s In Charge Now? Still Them?!” October 27, 2018 – SATURDAY!

I’m-NOT-saying (that) judgments-are-”good”-or-”bad,” but-they-can-IMPACT-ALL-we-do!🙂

What-about DROPPING “OLD-STYLE” JUDGMENTS? And trying something new?😮

For every time-I-hear: “NAUGHTY!” or “That’s a TERRIBLE thing,”😊

Aren’t we-kinda placing a-gosh-darn HEX- and/or re-es-tab-lish-ing,😊

Something we-could AGREE-to do, as bil-lat-er-al souls?😊

We needn’t judge – by-standards – of-someone-else’s [own-PAST] GOALS!🤐

For I contend that absolutes do not apply for us,🤗

UNLESS WE CHOOSE TO JUDGE OURSELVES; can’t we whine or cuss?

And carry-on as WE AGREE? It doesn’t seem too far-fetched,

Or will-we-be-forever-guided – by-(ancestral)-morality-that’s-”sketched,”

INTO our minds and bodies – and souls and spirits too?

Qualities and mores which-were-PASSED* to me and you!

Can-not WE-DECIDE – UPON (pause) “our-own sweet protocol?”

Just some thoughts, my Darling Dear – Why-don’t- W E make “the call?”🤐

fin ❤

Postscript-ual Poem, entitled: 😊


As-to celebrating holidays – and which churches to attend,🤗

OR NOT!- What doctrines to believe; when to tear or mend,

Whether to believe the-medical-establishment – or-the latest health food craze,

What fashions are appropriate! When to work or laze!🤐

The adjectives that we’ve been taught, like NAUGHTY, LAZY – “BAD,”🤐

Are-inherently-filled with judgment-ness; I think it’s kinda sad!🤐

When “should” and “must” erode our trust, of what-may-be The Best to do,

OR – When it’s-“proper” to-look-you in-your-(lovely)-eyes, and-proclaim:

“Yes, I love you!” 💥

    • They were PASSED to us – to decide IF WE 😁 DEEM them appropriate to continue with! 🙂


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