“WHAT’S NAUGHTY; WHAT’S TERRIBLE?” 🤐a poem a.k.a.: “Who’s In Charge Now? Still Them?!” October 27, 2018 – SATURDAY!

I’m-NOT-saying (that) judgments-are-”good”-or-”bad,” but-they-can-IMPACT-ALL-we-do!🙂

What-about DROPPING “OLD-STYLE” JUDGMENTS? And trying something new?😮

For every time-I-hear: “NAUGHTY!” or “That’s a TERRIBLE thing,”😊

Aren’t we-kinda placing a-gosh-darn HEX- and/or re-es-tab-lish-ing,😊

Something we-could AGREE-to do, as bil-lat-er-al souls?😊

We needn’t judge – by-standards – of-someone-else’s [own-PAST] GOALS!🤐

For I contend that absolutes do not apply for us,🤗

UNLESS WE CHOOSE TO JUDGE OURSELVES; can’t we whine or cuss?

And carry-on as WE AGREE? It doesn’t seem too far-fetched,

Or will-we-be-forever-guided – by-(ancestral)-morality-that’s-”sketched,”

INTO our minds and bodies – and souls and spirits too?

Qualities and mores which-were-PASSED* to me and you!

Can-not WE-DECIDE – UPON (pause) “our-own sweet protocol?”

Just some thoughts, my Darling Dear – Why-don’t- W E make “the call?”🤐

fin ❤

Postscript-ual Poem, entitled: 😊


As-to celebrating holidays – and which churches to attend,🤗

OR NOT!- What doctrines to believe; when to tear or mend,

Whether to believe the-medical-establishment – or-the latest health food craze,

What fashions are appropriate! When to work or laze!🤐

The adjectives that we’ve been taught, like NAUGHTY, LAZY – “BAD,”🤐

Are-inherently-filled with judgment-ness; I think it’s kinda sad!🤐

When “should” and “must” erode our trust, of what-may-be The Best to do,

OR – When it’s-“proper” to-look-you in-your-(lovely)-eyes, and-proclaim:

“Yes, I love you!” 💥

    • They were PASSED to us – to decide IF WE 😁 DEEM them appropriate to continue with! 🙂



“A PERFECT FIT!” a poem Oct. 27, 2018 – Saturday!

The Owl – and-The-Hyena! They make – QUITE A PAIR:

The OWL – likes to sleep-quite-late; the-HYENA-don’t-much-care!

But – they’re “a fit,” A PERFECT FIT! So they belong together,

Cuddling! and-Kissing! In any kind of weather!

The Owl squawks & swoops! And also floats & squints;

The Hyena – likes-to-stare-&-dream – and-place-some-not-so-subtle-hints,

About – how-much – he loves The Owl,

[And The Hyena is – almost-always – “on the prowl!”]

Yet – the-Owl-is-wise!! and-“puffs-out” her chest –

And-that placates-the (horny) hyena!! You-can-prob’ly-guess-the-rest!!

🙂 – “He who laughs, lasts!”

fin ❤





“PUMPKINHEAD SEASON!” a poem October 27, 2018 – Saturday

Now, Halloween – is-the-birth she had?

PUMPKINHEAD! She’s-not-really-bad,

BUT, as her birthday, comes around,

Pumpkinhead-responds!! I’m SURE-you’ve-found,

That-she’ll-take-a-match – and burn things down,

And/or-take-a-knifey-NAIL, with-a-smirky-frown,

And carve things, painfully, IN-TO YOU!!

Did-you-know-Pumpkinhead (pause) coined-the-term: BOO!?

Pumpkinhead, Heaven-forbid! – HEAVEN-FORBID!-might-take-a-gun,

And “blow-you-away,” my Wayward Son!

PUMPKINHEAD – really – does – like-School-Shootings,

Drownings – Mayhem! and Widespread Lootings!


Of-these-events! For, after her wrath,

She likes to soothe – and-to-attend wakes,

Speaking-well-of-The-Dead; much crying she makes,


And The Good Lord – worships-HER – on His knees,

For THE-LORD-loves-inter-esting-and-She’s-got-a-LOT,

Of-interesting-ideas! Pumpkinhead!-What-have-you-wrought!?

🙂 – Happy Halloweeen!!

fin ❤

Diary OF A MAN Mad


(Let’s face it! ANY experience you have, has the potential to be “good” or “bad,” depending upon your perception of it! You can ALWAYS put a “positive” spin on anything, or so some people say!! Anyway, there are likely to be some moments that you might remember that were not altogether pleasant. These are some of those for me!? )

A M Run -Passed out[& then hit]{after hitting}a vehicle-waked in hospital[attending SR]
Lost Palestrina (our pet cat) – at night – returned from Bonfire [early childhood]
Poked in throat by upperclassman (Charles Bartolotta) at West Point
Dental visit – 1st (one ever) – Drilled & filled [early childhood]
Shameful encounter – Dan Garber – front porch bed – mutual masturbation
Alicia brought home – Parents introduced her to me [Age 5 – Spokane] Very upset
(grabbed her hand & squeezed TOO hard & startled look on Alicia’s face.
2nd Divorce – 1st floor – touched on forehead by Robin’s friend
Fell from bicycle – intersection of Hendricks & Alley.
Fell from goal post at Alpine H. S. – during summer with Robin
Teaching – Austin: classroom Phone call
smoking student – “cracked”


Shame: with Julia – in dorm across street from her apartment
Mahikari – Effortful-ness in extreme
Gang of Bullies – in Dillon – shame of needing cousins’ help
Dental Appointments – Dillon
– Big Spring
– Marble Falls – horrific long trips, spyrocete viewings, drills, smells,
motel rooms (drugged, snoring, refrigerator) – sound amp.
– Houston
– Midland
Law Cases – Woman in Welfare Benefits Case
Forced to perform on cello in Helena front room.
Dad kicks down door in Dillon
Dad shouting at truck driver during drivers’ training
Dad playing guitar for Grama Mazie, prone & in drugged state.


“SOMETHING FROM NOTHING!” a poem October 26, 2018 – Freya’s Day

There’s nothing here; there’s nothing there!

Why-do-you-persist? Please! Stop your stare!!

I “clicked” it ONCE! “THERE’S NOTHING HERE!”

I WILL persist – I shed a tear –

I “clicked” it TWICE! Still! Nothing came,

As-was before! Is-it-all-the-same?

I “clicked” again – A SONG CAME ON!!

But! Where’s it from? Will it be gone,

If-I-”click”-again? or – Will it stay?

There’s-such-uncertainty!! Every-DAY!


So, I’ll just “click!” And-persistence-might-bring,

SOMETHING FROM NOTHING! But – How can that be?

This-is-SO-crazy!! Wouldn’t-you-agree?

So! Who-am-I-speaking-to? IS IT YOU I SEE?

Or – Have you vanished? Are YOU – then – ME?

fin ❤

Postscript-ual Poetry!?

[It’s good to persist!-If-you-think-the-song-is-pretty!

Persistence!-Can-bring-MAGIC! Will-someone – TAKE PITY?]