Jesus Message

Jesus Message

Many a golden calf ,bull, statue, has been admired and has been destroyed by the peoples enemies, many of those times it has been by my blessings for the reason they thought it had powers that were of myself. The truth I say to you today is I am the creator of all things beautiful sometime directly or sometime through the spirit of myself in the people that created it. It is when no recognition was made of my power and the pure love and gifts I bestowed upon you in the pureness of its intent and you have applied your corrupted thinking to refuse in my love for this my the finest love. When I gave man a woman she was to grow to be the finest gift of love and companionship one could behold. and the future was a ongoing pureness of innocents with the coming of babies of such love you would praise your creator for the perfect relationship between Creator and his beautiful subjects by the way you lived and gratefully received. Of course you know now you turned away from my love for you and turned to your selfish ways and turned from me. I allowed you to reap what you sowed but gave all a talent so that the day would come and you will see the suffering you have sowed, of course through the Father, and myself I was to come down to you and take all your evil and selfishness and place it upon my shoulders so you would be forgiven if you chose to return to my love and perfection within and without, Have you made yourself ready to give glory to God. For the day comes and all of who you truly are and the gifts I gave to you will be recognized by the beauty and craftsmen I gave to you. see with straight eyes and feelings of deep respect and I will bring you home to Glory. Remember the greatest gift I gave man was a woman. Praise God for your existence was not possible without them be real or by the craft of gifts of spirit to allow yourself to cry in appreciation of this. I say to all women know you are a beautiful gift and dont take advantage of it in a selfish way for it will become your greatest curse and sourse of ongoing trouble. My love now within you both man and woman and my beautiful creation will be as it was for the ones that return to the Holy Spirit myself and the Father.

In the deepest effort with your Spirit dear Jesus I give myself with the Love you gave. Amen. Luke Le Bree.


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