Watch “Secret Garden- Song from a Secret Garden” on YouTube MYSTIC POET 🎗

“OUR SECRET GARDEN!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Garden of Mim!” October 25, 2018 – Thursday

There is a Secret Garden, it-is just behind my Heart,

And THERE you can do anything! It is a work of art!

There in-the-Secret-Garden, we’re always safe and sound!

I LOVE OUR SECRET GARDEN! The one that WE have found!

YOU-are our Secret Garden; you always are in bloom:

In Winter, there is ivy; in Summer, fruit trees loom!

The birds there sing and frolic, in Love there – everyday,

And butterflies are fluttering, with honey bees at play!

The lilies! They are pressing (pause) upwards to The Sky,

The yellow-rose(s)-of-Texas will make you want to cry,

And there’s a plum tree guarding all, with baby’s breath so white;

The grass there grows so lush and green; it greets the morning light!

In evenings, we have bonfires – for marshmallows and such,

With naked-dancing at-Full-Moon times!! We like to kiss and touch! 🙂

fin ❤

From the Master himself amazing congratulations honey well done 💙


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