Jesus Message.

Be not distracted by the many things going on in the world, For it is time to draw close to me and children be with you. Many people walk around lost with no real commitment to what is life (love) it is not only your protection, but your joy and what allows me to help guide you through the Holy Spirit to a higher way of thinking and feeling. Let your body be honored for I allowed you through your parents to come into the world not forgetting I wish in exchange a deep yearning to live with your spirit because that too is soon to be reborn in a glorious way. All that my love will remain a part of your new life the rest will fall away. For the unbelievers of my Father and myself with the holy spirit, will no longer be a part of my loving kingdom because of their choice Know each day or year you are being asked to be with me can come in many ways , Church, being at one with me as this messenger, to love creation and understand that its spirit to live is of mine and is love also. To not do this you will live in your own creations and love and a full life will not exist your heart will be filled with dak thoughts to do to others as they want to do with you.

Blessings beautiful Jesus, you gave all to us, allow your spirit to be eternally grateful for the love you freely share and the forgiveness of any wrong doing encouraged by darkness. Help people to understand games of darkness are also influenced by the dark ones. I saw a witch of Halloween smashing a baby dolls head against bricks and laughing. The world and this custom has become so evil and gives power to Satan. Amen Luke Le Bree.


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