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I saw this on The Sun app and thought you’d enjoy it

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I saw this on The Sun app and thought you’d enjoy it

Woman suing bed company for £1million after becoming paralysed during romp ‘is sex mad and money obsessed’ says ex-husband


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Rugby coach Alosio Taimo has been found guilty of 95 child sex charges, the youngest child was just 9 years old when Taimo attacked him.🎯🎯

Rugby coach Alosio Taimo has been found guilty of 95 child sex charges, the youngest child was just 9 years old when Taimo attacked him.

Alosio Taimo, the Auckland rugby coach on trial for sexually abusing boys, has been found guilty of most of the 106 charges laid against him. The 55-year-old has been on trial in the High Court of Auckland for nine weeks.

We are choosing to run this story even though he was convicted in New Zealand and not Australia, because he has offended against several people who now live in Australia and he also offended against Australian citizens. We know this because one of our awesome members inboxed us and asked that we run the story for the benefit of those who are in Australia who had not yet come to a place where they could report him and seek justice.

This Wednesday morning, after 17 hours of deliberations the jury returned with their verdicts. Taimo was found guilty of 95 of the charges against him and not guilty of 11 charges, including charges relating to one complainant.

Of all the charges, 24 of those related to sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection; 23 of indecent acts on a person under 16; 18 of committing an indecent act on a child under 12; 10 charges of indecent acts with a boy under 12; and 10 of indecency with a boy between 12 and 16.

Ten of the 18 complainants are related to Taimo’s tenure at a school, and as a rugby coach. The remaining eight are older, with some allegations dating back to the 1980s.

He was originally charged with offending against one boy in August 2016.
The boy’s aunt had overheard him telling his cousins that Taimo was gay and that he knew this because Taimo had touched him. She went to police who investigated and identified more complainants.

The number of complainants grew again after Taimo’s name suppression was lifted and his identity published in the media.
Yet another reason why we say predators should not have their name suppressed, unless doing so names a survivor who wishes to remain unnamed.

The 106 charges laid by the Crown spanned nearly 30 years, with the youngest complainant just nine-years-old at the time of the offending.

Justice Moore told the jurors it had been a long and harrowing trial that had taken two and a half months of their lives. He said it had been a fraught and emotionally draining exercise and the community owed them a debt of gratitude for their service.

Taimo’s entire defence summed up in one word was DENIAL, he literally based his entire defence around the words… “It didn’t happen.” it’s all lies, all 106 charges are lies,made up…. WOW ! You would think his legal team could come up with a better defence than that.

Like most predators he arrogantly believed that the reputation he spent years building would protect him and perhaps it may have if the suppression order hadn’t been lifted, and more of his victims hadn’t come forward.
Taimo was previously known as a well-respected and senior community member, who for 30 years was sexually abusing the young boys in his care.

One complainant told the court he believed he was not selected for a rep team as punishment for not doing what Taimo wanted.

He tried to exercise control over the boys in other areas of their lives as well, he had a propensity for jealousy over the boys and discouraged them from having girlfriends. He went as far as warning the young girls off in an attempt to interfere with their relationships.

Speaking after the verdicts were delivered, Crown prosecutor Jasper Rhodes said it had been a complicated case.

“It was very, very complex. There were lots of moving parts, witnesses, complainants, people needing to be in the right place at the right time and a lot of evidence. I think we were up to 2,500 pages of notes. So there were lots of complicating factors.”

Mr Rhodes said the Crown may ask the court for a sentence of preventive detention and expected a lengthy sentence.

“In terms of the actual sentence it would be high, probably unprecedented for this sort of thing.”

He said he hoped the verdicts provided some peace to the complainants, who had each given evidence during the trial.

“I’m hopeful that for many of them it will bring some form of closure. They have been through a very long process and they’ve all turned up and done amazing jobs. I don’t think anyone can feel happy about this sort of thing, it’s not a win or anything like that, but I hope that they feel some sort of ability to move forward from this and that it does feel like a positive step in the road for them.”

Well said Mr Rhodes, it is the children (some of whom are now adults), the survivors of his horrendous abuse who need support. Sadly this monster attacked his victims and was arrogant enough to believe he’d never be caught, and that his hold over his victims was so complete that they would never come forward. This is sad because it speaks to the horrendous nature of his abuse, his victims had to be so fearful of him that he believed they’d never come forward and speak out against him.

We are quite proud to say they did just that !

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE BRAVERY OF SURVIVORS OF CHILD ABUSE !!!!! They have already been through hell and survived!

Well done to the brave survivors who stood up and spoke out against this predator, no doubt if not for their bravery Taimo would still be grooming and sexually abusing children under his care !

Justice Moore remanded Taimo for sentencing on December 14.

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Our sources for this post was and a direct interview with one of his survivors who inboxed us to tell us about his links to Australians and to request we run the story in the hopes we reach those he has hurt on our shores.