“GUESSING AT GOD!” a poem a.k.a.: “God CAN Be Like Facebook, Inc.: No Heart To Appeal To – And No Arse To Kick! Kinda Like An Algorithm!” October 22, 2018: Monday! JFASTERFERT POET

All-you(we)-can-do- is – GUESS AT GOD,

‘Cause we is even! and IT – is odd!

There’s (just) no way – to pin IT down,

BUT! Also-NO-reason to wear a frown,

For “GOD” can never be like us,

‘Cause we-wouldn’t-throw-us “under-The-Bus,”

And That’s-just-what-God-apparently-does,

TO HIS (Her) SONS-&-DAUGHTERS! Just because!!!

There ain’t no reason! and-there ain’t no rhyme,

And NO WAY to-describe-GOD – and IT ain’t no crime!

It’s just the way – that things are HERE,

With humans-filled: with-anxiety-and-fear,

AND – GOD’S – GOT – NONE-O’-THAT! (pause) –

Except! as-(s)he manifests! through a dog or cat,

Or a girl or boy or a plague-filled rat,

Or a brown recluse! (under your (Welcome) Mat),

Or a-poor-deer-in-your-headlights! Oh-yes! What JOY,

Death! Disease! Distress! What-a-wondrous-decoy,

We get to experience – in this 3-D Play,


With whatever we do, in this play of fools,

Forcing human beings, into mold-infested schools,**

Into FRONT LINE ACTION*** – and debates on The Floor,****


Except AS GOD SEES IT – through OUR eyes;

To God – no-existence – is much-of-a-surprise!

For GOD don’t care – IF we ALL die off;

To God, our demise is like a little cough!

So, f – – – You, God – ‘cause I love my Sheila,

And, y’know? Yea, God! I-kinda-feel-Yah,


And, maybe I AM – just a hapless pawn,

But I’ll do what I can – to resist your complacent MIND,*****

And! If-I-get-a-chance! I’ll-kick-you (hard) in-The-Behind!!

fin ❤

🙂 – Shalom, God! (You Turkey Buzzard!!)

    • Wm Shakespeare!

** – Case in point – Alpine High School, Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

*** – You can’t have too much war, since “There’s a time for everything under Heaven!!” (famous, stupid Biblical statement!)

**** – Politicians LOVE to argue – and ALSO The Rest of Us! – It is just that some folks enjoy FOCUSING on arguing about EVERYTHING! 🙂 – like me?

***** – Just like Neo, who resisted The computer-generated “Agents” in the film “The Matrix!”


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