Jesus Message.

Most beautiful people of the saints that have gone before you. Some were recognized other were not, but all were to become a living example of my word from heavenly places. Most of them were of no name that prospered in the world , but I saw there heart and it was full of uncomplicated love but mainly of a worldly nature. I came to them and they promised to do anything for me but still with earthly thinking. Then I spoke to there hearts and to the parts which was calling for something they could not fill. It was then they surrendered to my words of dimensions that were of great love and they felt this fulfilling love and fell to there knees. I knelt down and raised them up and asked of them to be my sisters and brothers on earth and tell of what I have given to the people in there towns and be forever filled with this higher love to complete there life and make all other love a sacred act. Today I give many this love to the hearts that enfold love as life and I lift to new heavenly dimensions in there thinking and feeding the heart with the source of all life. This messenger is one among you who has surrendered to me, and I raised him up so he could tell you of your value and the real love of which I speak about. Come beautiful children of mine allow me to fill you with love unspoken but is understood to a hungry heart that wants fulfillment. I call now to you, for to have you in my first wave of love that surrenders to my kingdom will be of great fulfillment to all involved.

Thank you once again my wonderful God , my master, dear Jesus . amen . Luke Le Bree.


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