Falling in Love has no REASONS. FALLING IN LOVE IS ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. CHERISH, NURTURE BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. Love is sacred. Love is a blessing. Own your love. Then the greastest gift we give is to be “in love” To say “I am in love with you my beloved” is the ultimate love two people will ever experience. Show GRATITUDE, Kindness to your BELOVED partner.

REASONS!” a poem October 20, 2018 – Saturday
Why do you do that?* [I-can’t-help-it!] Why do you love me? [I don’t know;]

Why is this happening? [I can’t take it!] Please hold my hand;

Never let go!

I have no good reasons! I have no good rhymes;

It’s only what happens – in-such perilous times,

And TIMES-ARE-ALWAYS-PERILOUS – so let your Heart rest,

From needing the reasons, for each-apparent-”test!”

Just relax in the moment – breathe, blink & sigh,

For I’ll never leave you – please-don’t-ask-me-why,

Because-”becauses”-are-etheric; they matter so little?

And we use up our time, when-we-could-be-”in-the-middle!”

I like it in YOUR middle; it’s comfortable – and kind,

And it smells kinda nice – so, slap my behind,

To remind me what’s-worthwhile, like whispers & touch,

And soft, summer breaths!

I love you so much! 🙂

fin ❤

* – or How can you do that?


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