Diary of a Mad Man 🤐🤐

(66) LIBERATION: Just like You must LET yourself, go to sleep (You
can’t make yourself go to sleep) – You can’t MAKE yourself
wake up – You just must LET YOURSELF wake up.

THE REAL GOSPEL: I (Jesus) am A powerful SON OF GOD & So Are

I am the way (means) I AM is: the DIVINE WITHIN US (each of us)

Sons of God = in the Nature of GOD


Robert Smith: You are an accumulation of what You
Hold, Not What you experience necessarily. [Choose what you
WANT to hold.] You & I AM is ALL You HOLD.

Karma is “DOING” – – – What You are doing & What is being
done to You IS ONE.

IF COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS happens to You, You did it to yourself!?

What’s the Path of the Heart? – – – the Scaffolding You enjoy THE MOST:
(1) to get You there. BIG Question: and NOW, Tapping, will that work?! (as an enjoyable enough positive)
(2) as you are going/not going
(3) While you are waiting to awake(n)

You, PERHAPS, HAVE TO SUFFER to know what is NOT the
Path of the Heart. YET isn’t every path really the Heart Path?

When you experience (IT – TRUTH – EXPERIENCE), you will know, but it was just your truth, so you can’t describe it – – – You Can’t describe What you
know SO STOP IT & I THINK I’m Really Trying to
DESCRIBE or explain what I never have experienced. I

just don’t know, so why am I writing? A:? Because
I’m compulsive/obsessive? But, I’m always doing the
best I can, aren’t (I)? A: “I don’t know . . . . The MIND
does not WANT to LET GO; “I” do not want to let GO.

Crazy is coming real closer or, maybe, following into (65)
the state of not believing anything & you’re somehow
not able “to handle the TRUTH,” th(at) there is no truth.
Hey, I REMEMBER a while back asking for the
Truth (from God?) – & I WAS WARNED: “Watch what you
ask for, you might get it.” Pilate asked Jesus: “What
is (the) Truth?” DANG! Alan Watts said it might
make you crazy. Is it right to provide FasterEFT
to people, to become a practitioner, if you know
it’s just another belief that’s only gonna work if
a person believes in it?
REAL COUNSELING is helping another to believe in
something that keeps them sorta peaceful or
helping them to REALLY EMBRACE that there is
no ultimate truth (when they can handle it, that is?)

SAMADHI – is way out – – – Alan Watts – – –
What is the motive? – – – if it is an impure
motive, You are trying to get one-up on the
Universe. IMPURE MOTIVE = I’ll get that thing.

(Then You have no further problem, but IF
you try to do it, you’re in the same mess all over again.

“Always be aware of what you’re doing!” Gurjieff
((I know I’m doing IT, so I am not asleep!?)



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