“OH, MY!!” a poem a.k.a.: “What My TWO CENTS Says About The 6th and/or 7th Sense(s)!” a.k.a.: “IF I Just Had Some Sense!” October 19, 2018 – Friday!!

She said: “ Something’s-not-right-here! We-need blood tests and MORE!

Something’s SO wrong! (pause) We MUST get to The Core!

IF we can-just exercise – Intuitive-POWER and-employ Wisdom-Divine,

We’ll-figure-out-what’s-wrong – and ALL WILL BE FINE!!

Once we’ve figured it out, we’ll be MUCH better off!”

“Oh, YES! You’re SO RIGHT!” as I shielded a cough!”

When we humans “figure-it-out,” cows and pigs – they WILL fly;

And The Secrets of The Universe will-be-uncovered! Right-before each eye,

AND – after eons of guessing, after oodles of time,

We’ll find out what’s wrong – through (some) poetic rhyme!


It-could-be SEEKING for certainty – for reasons – for me,

So! (pause) THE ANSWER? of-what’s-wrong, here it is, ob-vious-ly:

IT’S LIFE!!! Ever DUAL, filled with strife, poo & pee,

‘Cause WE CAN’T RELAX!! and our “tuits” and mind,

Are spinning 24/7! I LAUGH! How unkind,

How unkind – to subject – one-another-to-this-seeking,

Trying-to-find-out-WHAT’S-WRONG – when-there’s-NOTHING!!


Peeking-around-corners – and-into-The-Heart – of SOME GOD,

Who is urging us all – to-manipulate our “bod!”

And what’s in (y)our mind? And where do we go,

When we seem to expire – from THIS PLACE? We dunno!

But, yes, I’ve-been-seeking-too! For-relaxed-people – or-some-place,

Just ONE (or something-like-it) – in this vast human race!
Well, no-more-seeking for me! It’s just TOO MUCH DARN TROUBLE,

For – when-I-seek – I find-shattered-dreams,

Amongst all this “rubble!”

fin ❤


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