“A TEXAS COWBOY – AND HIS HORSE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Comforting My Fret-able Edible!!” October 19, 2018 – Freya’s
“Oh, my-my!” said-my-horsie, my Handsome good gelding;

“NOTHING’s WRONG, horsie! (pause) We are just ‘meld-ing,’

We’re-becoming quite ONE – or – we always were THAT!

There’s nothing wrong, Handsome!”

“BUT! I smell ‘a rat!’“

“My-my-my-Handsome darling, there’s really naught wrong!”

“But how-can-you-tell?” said-my-gelding, “There’s-a-SONG,

Which-is STUCK in my head, and it says SOMETHING’s WRONG!!

It’s sad – and it’s ‘blue,’ and it feels SO STRONG!”

“Well-sweet darling! Please listen – THERE’S NOTHING WRONG HERE;

Those things that do echo – are poking your fear;

They-are-WHISPERS (from others) – who-have-infected Sweet Thee;

There is NOTHING WRONG HERE, so TAKE HEART – and you’ll see,

There’s NOTHING WRONG HERE, and I KNOW that it’s true,

Because WE’RE TOGETHER – and I so love YOU,

And I know that you know – that – when-(our)-Love’s everywhere,

That there’s nothing to worry-about –

Nothing! My Dear!”

YES, THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT – It makes me so glad,

For I love you quite madly!

And LOVE “TRUMPS”** ALL “BAD!”* 🙂 – Yay!

fin ❤

* – alternative ending: [You’re-the-best Love I’ve (ever) had!]

** – No! NOT a reference to President Donald Trump, but a reference to a helpful, wild card in the game of Bridge, allowing a player to “prevail,” in some sense!!😁



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