Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

As you prepare to be at one with me and the Father through the Holy Spirit, know all that you have been through that has caused you pain and still is, know that it is not the real you, but what you are coming into will be the real you and that is love. already many of you seek to bring love into your life by drawing close to me, and I have helped prepare you by my drawing people into your life that are getting well prepared for total truth. Know this world has brought much pain for from the beginnings you chose it over your Creator. So you were given the freedom to follow your ways , which brings much pain and hurts and and lies that led you into wars and much hurt. I am your Savior and as your creator chose my death and total pain to come among you to teach and awaken you to come home. For as your creator I was the only one that could bring you the opportunity to love and follow me and walk away from the pain I took on for you. Now the times grow short and the evil angels try to influence you more than ever before for they know there time is short. My Father has only held back so those of you who are so close to believing in me can be ready for the rapture to com I have called many who have been through much pain but found me and I saw there light and now they help and there are many in this place you read this that prepare you through me to be born again by accepting the Holy Spirit to love and using it to love others and on the day of Rapture when the Father says amen you will be totally free of pain in all its forms and your wonderful reward for my crucifixion will be placed on you and your true loving self and my children will be home .

Thank you our blessed and most wonderful God. O how we love what you did and now see that our pain will be gone and we will bathe in your total love and serve love and joy for eternity. Amen.


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