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“WHICH SIDE!” a poem Oct. 16, 2018 – Two-sided Tuesday!!

I love to be inside you – and outside too, My Dear,

On either side is always fine – around your front or rear!

I love your many facets – all-the-sides of our affair:

Many sides! I love them all – so which side will you wear,

To show off your simplicity – on top? or far below?

East? or West? or North? or South? – your SOUTH you seldom show,

For you are shy – & I am too, but you embolden me,

When you expose that-South-Face, True-North’s all I see!

I love your every precious side;

Some are narrow-& some are wide,

Some-are soft – some, wet & warm!

We-can-ride “side-saddle,” through-a perfect storm! 🙂

fin ❤


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