Jesus Message

Listen to my words for only the Spirit that flows within you is the treasure that is everlasting and is of my Creation. Many times you may do many things in the outside world to be seen to be of importance and draw attention to yourself so you feel needed.. I ask of each of you to look deep within for the love you are and let that love display itself on the outside for if its come from myself it will always be.
The outside world is to reveal how genuine you are to that love. You are each very special in your own created way, but the reward of your outward life is the love within creating it.
When the love of the I Am is not your motivation you compete against others to get a false comfort , this of course brings wars and troubled hearts. illness of the mind. I remind this to my messenger of this understanding for if he is to help you and beautify my love for him ,he needs to clearly understand this so he can be of true service. Owing to his sensitivity he is stirred in his emotions in what I say , as you may also be. Know I am not judging you but opening doors to a brighter light that will shine in service for others to see what is real in its warmth and oneness. Let your kindness show and it will reflect on your face as well as your heart. You are all created with beautiful gifts, now its time to live them and your joy will be uplifted and your deep sense of loving purpose will glow.

Dearest Lord, I pray that we learn to do what is real and is of great benefit for all. Thank you for being the loving God who will bring us fully into truth and home. Amen.


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