“GIVE IT ALL TO ME!” a poem Sunday: October 14, 2018 [Painting: “Lady Justice, Testament To Truth!”]

When I was much younger, I thought: “I WANT IT ALL!”

So I got wealth, a-Judge’s-Robe – and-I-got-to-take a fall!

I also got ENLIGHTENMENT – according to all measure,

Yet ALL’s not what it’s “cracked (up) to be;”

ALL does not mean pleasure!

IF-you-want it ALL, you’ll (likely) suffer – & run a weary race –

You get to FEEL depression! and-see-sadness-on-every-face!

IF you want ALL, get-ready-for-Heaven, where there’s lots of HELL!

ALL is truly ALL there is – You-may-not-feel-well!

So, NOW, that I am older, p’rhaps-wiser-here-and-there!

YES! I-was-right! ALL’s the thing! (pause) BUT – ALL can be “a bear!”

NOW, I-won’t-expect that ALL’s so great, but it’s-easier-IF-you’re-humble,

And that’s not easy, Sweetie – when-ALL-knocks-you for-a-tumble!

But! IF you’ll ROLL WITH {THE} PUNCHES and (just) say “Sorry” a lot –

Plus, drop all those pretenses

(‘cause-UNEXPECTED-is-What-You’ve-Bought) –

Well! IF-WE-can-accept everything – and anything at ALL!

ALL’ll be just fine, My Love, but there’s-no-room for no gall!! 🙂

fin ❤


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