Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

Many come preaching to you and lay before you what they believe are the facts of my time on earth and what I expect from you. I want to make it quite clear in this time you are living your love and mine which is One and your saving grace. I created you from love and the spirit that makes you alive is the sacred energy to grow millions of personality’s that I can be so proud of For you are of me the Father myself the son and the spirit we share together. Surrender to true love and caring towards all other creations that are sacred but treat the wild kingdom with respect.
Know that the kingdoms of women are to be treated with respect and a loving attitude for they are also the completion of our family of love. Turn away from the ways of the world that do not have me close to you, for the misled and pain of the world come because of influences of grandeur at any cost whom will one day remove your life from any form of love. I say these things for I wish it be clear to you that free choice to follow our God love, or the separation from love is yours. You may make mistakes as you live in a world with much evil in it camouflaged by suits and smooth talk but know the Holy Spirit is well aware and if you are one with my love for you, I Am the future the beginning and the eternal.. In my eyes you are deeply loved and I will forgive you as you would your children. But I can and will only influence your life by means of love.

Most blessed God , how we surrender to that which is Holy and a loving Spirit you freely give to us. may our love increase towards you and your creation and brother and sisters with a strong yet gentleness they deserve so we become a part of your Home. Let us be guided away from evil and the lusts of the world. Amen dear Jesus.


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