Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

Understand my people ,the more you become balanced in all ways of life the more you are becoming your True Self. Balanced does not mean boring as so many of you think. For you can experience the most exciting forms of life but be balanced with a inner peace flowing within you.
To have it any other way you will burn yourself out and be in conflict with many others. To be balanced is to be true to yourself and to me and many people will accept you as a brother or sister they love. If one is unbalanced you will have many people who will be like yourself and wars and personal disagreements will grow to make your life sad or angry, and lack of self love.
So understand I am trying to bring you home but not against your will and the years ahead which will bring much turmoil you will become a part of it by your choice.
To those who come to love me within you and around you will notice you are feeling more love and peace with who and where you are. For you are strong in the love that comes to you through the Holy Spirit. You are becoming the real you and come that time our Father says Amen you will be lifted to heavenly bliss and joy as it was to be from the beginning. your true adventures will be just beginning with the loving feelings of those with you. For We Are One.

Dear Father with the Holy Spirit we thank you for gift of life made possible through Jesus. I am humbled by his words yet excited of the love and joy to come. we remain your Children of the faith. In Jesus name we are one.


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