“THE BUDDHA IS YOU!” a poem Oct. 11, 2018 : Thursday.

Make The Buddha? &/or-Become The Buddha! That’s-right! It’is YOUR choice!

Make The Buddha; become The Buddha – listen to YOUR voice:

The voice of ONE that’s calling you – to-regenerate and expand;

THE VOICE IS CALLING, SAYING: (pause) “’Salvation’’s in YOUR hand!”

Use your hand, excitedly, to plea* from here to there!

When The Buddha manifests, the chakras vibrate clear!

The foggy colors “way down there,” become clear, ruby red,

With-a-little-pinkish-hue; so EARTHY, as it’s said!

The golden hands of giving – are now given to you:

Olive oil beneath your Heart, and there is jade-ish blue!

The Emerald City of Oz – shines with Rosy Beams,

And torquoise, baby, in your Throat – will usher out in streams!

Clear sea blue is also there! Your Throat and Hands embrace,

For blue and gold are complements, to help The Human Race!

Indi – goes come from your eyes, your 3rd Eye forehead place;

the pineal-gland is puffed and ready, filling out your face!

The CROWN OF CROWNS glows purple, with clear and present white,

And magenta is The Covering – of Universal Light!

You’ve ALWAYS been The Buddha! Your colors offer grace,

And “Colors: from some “Great Beyond” are written every place!


Dependencies are only bought,

So buy no more; all things are free!

This is YOUR story – IT IS YOUR SEA!

Do not define yourself through THEM,

Who seek to be The Great Amen,

For YOU are THAT, as you suppose;


fin. ❤

* – pronounced: “PLAY” as in plea – sure!


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