A “man” charged with sexually abusing his own daughter for 10 years has been granted bail so he didn’t lose his job as a CEO!🤒😰😱

Clearly a “man’s” job is more important than a child’s life to our judges.

A man from southeast NSW accused of sexually abusing his daughter for a decade has been released on bail, allowing him to take up a chief executive officer position. The man in his 50s, who cannot be identified in order to protect his daughter’s identity, was granted bail at Queanbeyan Local Court on Tuesday.

What do you have to do to get remanded these days ? Rape a boy on his own front lawn in front of his mother, get bail. Allegedly rape your own daughter for 10 years, get bail…. Judges of NSW WAKE UP !

The man is yet to enter pleas to 39 charges, including sexual intercourse with a person under 10, aggravated sexual assault, and assault with intent to have sexual intercourse with a person under 10. His daughter was just 3 years old at the time of the first alleged offence in the 1990s.

The offending allegedly took place over a 10-year period in several regional NSW locations. This shows he is clearly familiar with lots of different locations, which makes him a flight risk, at least a risk of running and hiding.

The man, who has held senior management positions in a successful career, was arrested on September 27 and spent five days in custody before being granted bail. The prosecution opposed bail because of the seriousness of the charges, but Magistrate Michael Antrum found the man’s lawyers were able to show cause for his release.
Mr Antrum said he took into account that the man had an offer of employment as a chief executive officer, which he would lose if he remained in custody during what were likely to be lengthy court proceedings. He also said the man had strong community ties and no criminal history.

You know…. no criminal history, that is… except for the allegations of raping his own daughter for 10 years!
But yeah, don’t worry about that Mr Antrum.

“I’m not really concerned about failure to appear [in court],” Mr Antrum said. “He has real reason to remain in the jurisdiction.”
His real reason is so he can start work being a CEO, a position of power, a position of trust amongst the community, this is NOT a position that should be given to someone who is up on multiple incestuous child sexual abuse charges !!!

Mr Antrum said he was concerned the man might endanger the safety of the alleged victim, interfere with prosecution witnesses or commit serious offences.
To allay those concerns, Mr Antrum set bail conditions including that the man not contact any prosecution witnesses other than through legal representatives, and that he surrender his passport and not travel outside NSW or the ACT. He must also reside at the address given to the court and report to police weekly.

OH WELL, in that case….. !
That will definitely stop him from attacking or intimidating witnesses, I’m sure he won’t attempt to stop his daughter from testifying against him… for sure ! You got him to promise he will be a good boy and won’t go anywhere near her … and being the trustworthy person he is, we should believe him.
Yeah Um….. the problem is child abusers, even alleged child abusers are generally not known for their honesty.
Taking the word of an alleged incestuous child sexual abuser that he will behave…well that is just….. wow !

This poor girl has already been through hell and now her alleged abuser is out and free to silence her anyway he wants, but he’s promised to be a good boy so apparently he wont… ya sure.

The case will return to court in December, when the prosecution will serve its brief of evidence, no doubt Mr Antrum will continue his bail at this point.

When the concern of a judge is more about the accused child rapist not losing a job, than it is for the safety of his alleged victim, our system is in DIRE need of repair, or maybe even a total reboot.

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Our source for this story was https://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/nsw/man-accused-of-sexually-abusing-daughter-for-10-years-granted-bail-20181003-p507l2.html