“FREE HUGS!” a poem October 10, 2018 – Wednesday!

Thanks, little eyes, when you start to secrete,

Acid and stuff – and it hurts! That’s so neat,

‘Cause you know what to do when the body needs cleaning,

From the sweet frontal part of my brain, goo is streaming!!

Red Eyes!-so-swollen! Tears-flow, with great joy,

I can’t see real well, but – you-can not annoy,

Me! For I know all the efforts you’re making,

To keep my head clear – and yourselves “sparkle-ating!”

I wash with warm water – and a little salt too;

We’ve done this before, so it’s easy to do!

I’ll just rest a bit and let you do the best,

To keep my “bod” healthy; I know it’s no test:

Just a periodic-cleansing, where you show me your love!

Hugs-and-kisses-to-you, oh, sweet eyes up above! 🙂

fin ❤