❤ most beautiful sons and daughters of our beloved Christ. be not ashamed to say who you are , for Gods love will pour into you and people will know you are one of his by the very love you display. All the small judgements of how we see others will fade and you will become more love and closer to Jesus just by doing as he asks. The rest will become meaningless touched with understanding by the God (love) within. You are called to follow our lord and now is the time to do so, not by words alone but your compassion and caring love for all. Many may seem far superior to you, but in love and truth they fall short of the understanding God will give you to give them. Jesus see.s all as worthy to be there true self but only the ones who own the love and understanding will return in the rapture which will happen on the Fathers Amen. Be you of joy of heart and spread your joy for it will attract the true joy of God-ship.
I was inspired to write the above for Jesus has connected me to all of you and allows me to love you unconditionally. Blessed Savior. ❤ Luke. ( photo colors of life )
If you can shift this around the world , br blessed in Gods love and beauty. ❤


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