Mystic Poet


But she caught herself before she fell – she grabbed – some-cheese- and-a pear,

And some bread with butter – and some jam with cream,

“PRETTY?” SHE said, eyes so wide – and, I think, she-started-to-”stream,”

Like-she-was-NOT-on-a-diet! (pause) She was jamming it all in,

Her eyes, so wide – with wonder: “DO YOU THINK THAT IT’S A SIN?

To eat-quite-a-bit – ‘cause people are starving!

In Africa – and – a-round-there – but – around-here, WE’RE JUST CARVING,

Roasts of turkey – and ham – and cheese!”

She-grabbed-some-more-food-to-”offer,” and said: “Oh, TAKE-IT – please!”

And – as I stood right there, she inflated – like a balloon,

AND BURST! (pause) The-food-was-everywhere! AND IT BLEW US TO THE MOON,

And, as we sat there, in-The-Earth-Light – two – kinda-thin-people, sittin’ (pause) on-The-Moon, way-up-above – LOCKED-IN-LUST,

She said: “You REALLY think I’m pretty?” – and I really thought about it, then (pause) sitting in the sweet, Moon dust,

You-know? D-ya-remember-what had happened, when I mentioned that before?

So! (pause) I never said a single word; I just kissed her, more and more,

And she whispered a little, with tears in her eyes,

And (pause) I touched her A LOT – ‘spec-ial-ly between her thighs!!

Yea! She looked SO DEEPLY IN LOVE – in love, not war,

And she said: “You-know, Honey – I might not diet any more!”

I said: “OK! (pause) You can diet OR NOT,

And-I’ll-love-you-anyway – ‘cause, whatever!-You’re so hot!


Past the River Styx, we would just moan – and swoon,

And sing, “MOON RIVER!” and “Fly Me To The Moon,”

And “Moon-day! Moon-day! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo … …

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la … la, la, la, la, la … . 🙂

fin. ❤