“JESUS GOT A STRESS BALL!” a poem – Oct. 7, 2018 (World Communion Sunday)

It’s WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY! 1 whole day!!

The 7th of October – Let us pray!

Each-person-in-our-congregation – gets-to-have-a sphere,

In the shape-of-The-Earth – Squeeze-a-little, Dear,


So be careful with THAT THING! to minimize the wars!

It’s a dirt-load o’ responsibility, when The Earth is in your hand!!

I CAN ONLY HOPE – that you will understand!

Lord Jesus has one too, as He sits upon The Throne,

And He uses-it as a STRESS-BALL; this is seldom known!

So, IF we get belligerent – y’-know? – too big for our britches,

Jesus gives a little squeeze – to smooth out all our glitches,

To humble-us just-a-little, so we won’t be so “bad!”

THAT Jesus! with-His-stress-ball! He’s a little sad,

‘Cause HE DON’T LIKE BEIN’ STRESSED; so we-need-to-lighten-up,

And have a little (of His) flesh – &-a-sweet-sip, from His cup!

fin ❤


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