Life doesnโ€™t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient !

It’s the little things in life that can mean so much………….We often hear people saying that those who have endured trauma need to just ‘get over it’ and often the people saying that actually mean well, they want to see us happy and moving forward so they think we need to just think of something else. If only it was that easy. Personally, just the date today has triggered some terrible memories and emotions and that got me thinking. Thinking about how each and every trauma survivor can feel like they are doing well, only to be side swiped by a smell, a song, a taste, a place, a date and so on.

What also struck me today though was the other ‘little things’ – the friends who reach out and listen – the ones who will sit quietly in your darkness with you and simply allow you to hurt while making sure you are not hurting alone and that you are safe.

Being a survivor doesn’t mean we are always strong or that we are ‘over it’ – it means we have lived through hell and made it out the other side, battered and forever changed but still able to smile, laugh, love, cry and breathe. It’s perfectly okay to have to lean on others sometimes, to admit that we need help and accept the support that friends, family and professional services can provide us with.

What we need to remember is that we have made it this far, we can keep going – even though sometimes it will all seem to be too much to take.

If you find yourself back in those dark depths, please tell someone and ask for help, it is a hard step to take I know but it is worth it. (GE)
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