Today I saw a post asking how were you belted when you were a child ? Depicting brooms belts, what ever . Supposed to be a funny post 🤐 comments were laughing funny junk. Gosh was I angry.

Never. How dare any person attack a child. You big bastards. It’s not Ok to lift your hand to your children. Go and see a Doctor get your brain checked out. That is so evil. Pick on someone your size and see if you don’t get punched. Why would you Assult a child. You would hit your own child who has to protect themselves from harm from you. God help you cause sure enough we will not help you.
Time you take responsibility for the crime you have commitment against humanity


7 thoughts on “Today I saw a post asking how were you belted when you were a child ? Depicting brooms belts, what ever . Supposed to be a funny post 🤐 comments were laughing funny junk. Gosh was I angry. 🤐🤐

  1. This is so close to my life as a child l was belted to what was called an inch of my life ….. Just for being a child it was by a dad who l have since forgiven from the days of the Victorian child of ‘ spare the rod spoil the child ‘ will add a link to the meaning of this saying.
    My olde dad grew up being belted the same and old habits are within our souls and the child becomes one of two things …. afraid and scared or angry and violent … levels of course.
    As much as l agree its wrong it taught me much that God Wanted me to learn and l was just 6-years of age when l stood up to my dad and prevented him hitting my mum by saying go on hit me be a man.
    I became the former and the latter later in life and the effect on my relationships was devastating …. You see it was all caused by a mother who lied and could not tell the truth when she or we did wrong ….
    They both are dead now and love l wanted to feel as a child was non-existent and only when God came after prayer did l feel l understood.
    We are all victims of circumstance and forgiveness is are only tool to receive the ‘ Grace of God ‘ and his mercy Amen 🙏

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      1. Glad that Australian Laws Prohibits Child Abuse: But never need apologise for what you wrote or say.
        l have dealt with it in ways its difficult for many to understand. You see l listen not to what you said but what you did not say ….. God had a purpose that the ❤️ reveals and its the truth of his word and the voice and what people write hides it in avoiding pain …. I was made to be like this by many years of pain and suffering but most of all for it to be explained to me by someone who taught me everything. Much is being said and much more must pass before l come …. But never apologise its my job NEWS to the 4 corners of the world North South East and West. 😊🙏

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    1. Awful story and all of this story is a tragedy. If only
      ! I feel you found your peace in the Lord. What a blessing. You will need to travel your journey until enter the Kingdom of God. Safe at last. Ian you are strong, keep writing never give up. If you are able to change one person’s life you have succeed. You can you will! This World needs more guys like you spread the truth. AMEN😇

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      1. There is still much as yet you will learn about me and part of what l suffer and have suffered has a purpose or maybe l should say destiny ….. Jesus said and l say l am the truth the life and the way and only through me will you come to the father …. Just when you think its happening it will be over …. and Heaven on Earth will be here ….. Amen 🙏


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