“O. A. O.!”* 🤗🤗

“A NICE POEM!” a poem!! a.k.a.: “Crazy! The Sequel!” a.k.a. 2: “Her, Her & She Don’t Equal WE!” a.k.a.: 3: “O. A. O.!”* October 6, 2018 – Saturday.

I’m a guy! And-I’m so crazy,

About girls! and, yes, I’m lazy –

OK! So, I-like curls – and straight hair – and the feminine all around;

Lord knows, Lord knows (pause) Where! (pause) Lord-knows-where-I’m-bound!

So, OK! I’m CRAZY – yea! About HER & HER & SHE,

But – I’m not sure – if any of them,

Is crazy – about me,

But, NOW – I DID find me a delicious gal; she lives miles away,

But, if I had to bet, you know, this is what I’d say:

That “She’s Crazy! About me! Now – that doesn’t happen every day!”

I adore her too, so – THERE’S A FIT – and I will shout: “Hooray!”

And I ask myself, despite temptations, from Her & Her & She,

Who’s THE GIRL! THE girl! The girl who’s really for me?

Well, now – ain’t it obvious? When do you get two crazies in Love?

And – each-one-of-the-crazies – fits the other – like a glove!

Well, now, that sounds like the POT O’ GOLD – at The End of The Rainbow,

Or – The Princess you’ll climb “The Tower” for & rescue her from (The) Drago!

So, ask yourself, when you’re faced with such a startling event,

Well, ISN’T THAT GIRL YOUR BASKET, where all your eggs should-be sent?

She’s The Golden Goose – and The Stringed Harp, who plays so sweet!

Hold onto That Filly! You two might (must) be “in heat!”

Thank Your Lucky Stars! Tell the other girls: “Sorry!”

But I have found me my one true love – and we are “on safari,”

But we’re NOT hunting – in African terrain – for some Lost Diamond Mine:

It’s HERE, for us, under the covers – with THE ONE FOR WHOM I PINE!

fin ❤

Postscript: Will it last? Who knows! But, you-know, I DO care,

But life’s a “crap shoot” (so I’ve found) BUT – Sometimes you GET The Bare,

Naked, sexy lady – or guy, If he’s your beau!!


When you find your O. A. O. 🙂

Sting: “Fields of Gold:”

* – from my West Point days – ‘O. A. O.,’ an archaic expression meaning ‘One And Only!’