“Shed A Tear For The Man In Black!” Mystic Poet 🌟🌟

“BACK IN BLACK!” a poem a.k.a.: “Shed A Tear For The Man In Black!” Thursday: October 4, 2018

“The Man in Black” – has met his match;

Ja – son – Ro – man! How did he catch,

The subtle nuance – of Johnny’s* song?

“The Train’s A-coming!” His voice is strong;

His voice is sure, with macho tone:

Ja – son – Ro -man! THE WOMEN MOAN!

The men? Impressed! By His “Country Flair:”

It’s DEEP! Suave-style! of-the-songs He’ll share:

Ja – son – Ro – man; he’s an April guy,

And we love that “country” – in his eye,

And-YES! April-will-sing-LAMBERT – to-his-CASH!

The two – together? They’ve got a “stash,”

Of golden-harmony, filled with passion,

A BURNING FIRE! That’s-always-in-fashion!

Ja – son – Ro – man, A MAN IN BLACK!

“Tip your barmaids,” and don’t look back!

Just sing OUT – here – and hear the cheer,

For Jason’s Johnny – we’ll shed a tear! 🙂

fin ❤

* – Johnny Cash, former country western singing star, who married June Carter, another country singing sensation (of the prestigious CARTER FAMILY).


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