Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

My beautiful friend, I lay my thoughts with you to share with all.
My beloved people who are close to my heart, know you are not forgotten but many changes are taking place on earth, and these changes are just starting to touch the vibration you live in. My being high moves my sensitive one I am now talking with you though at this moment with him, so I have to step back a little, but I absorb the love he offers me when it’s I who is to bless him for his sincerity.
Know the changes that are happening at this time on earth is to call you deeper into the love we share and free you of the heaviness of what’s gone and is still leaving. Be not concerned as you may feel at times unconnected to the old ways in quite the same way and the coming months my loyal Spirits of love I will walk a little closer to you, but not to overwhelm you. Be at peace for I am blessed by the effort you all put forward in your desire to be love. I Am connected to all who seek the ultimate future to the Now moment of your loving Home. Be kind and generous to yourself and share with all who look for the hope you display in your eyes.

Dearest Jesus thank you for these words and your closeness to us all who seek the pathway to full life bathed in your love.
Luke Le Bree. โค โค โค


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