“THE BUDDHA IS YOUR GRAMPA, AND HERE’S WHAT HE SAYS!” a poem Tuesday: October 2, 2018

“We all wanna be happy, in a place not meant for happy;

We all wanna go HOME, when-we’re-trying-to-escape!” said Grandpappy.

We all wanna be safe, in a perilous place,

And we’re running – to nowhere – running-our NOWHERE RACE!

So, can you cheer up – and tell your Lover it’s all OK?

Can you overlook – all the horrors? and all the decay?

Death! Disease! Suffering! Dirt!

And those that love you (and you love)? You-don’t-want-anyone-HURT!!

What – do you do? You smile – and laugh;

You comfort the sick-and-weak! and give them a bath!

Do you point to a Heaven, that’s not really there?

Or-do you offer some comfort – and dignity – with care?

Do you listen to preachers? Do you rely on “healers?”

Do you accept the promises – of all-The-Double-Dealers?

What do you do? What do you do?

Is there a strategy? To-undo your “Blue?”

Where do you turn? How hard do you cry?

Who-have-you-disappointed now? with-your-efforts? You sigh!

You look up; you look out;

You look inward – and-see-NO-turn-about!

You HOLD – you-hold-on – TO SOMEONE? who will,


When you sing a sad-happy song, about yearning and desire,

And think you can lose-yourself – and escape all this mire?

Here’s an ocean! It’s churning! Yes, it’s dangerous and uncertain,

And ALONE(?) without ship (?) Do-you-see-your-final-curtain,

As you’re bouncing around – hit by wave after wave:

Up, up you go! (pause) and then down – to The Grave?

Can you spot some sure ship? which can cut through the waves?

Called: “SMILING LOVE CUDDLES!” for-the-noblest-of-knaves!!

🙂 – Which we ALL ARE – so drop – your pretenses and airs,

And smile, pretty stupidly, AND SING! Yes, we (DO) cares!

The song’s-not-so-important! but TRY to make it HAPPY,

And SING, FOR ALL YOU’RE WORTH, and remember grandpappy,

Who tried, tried his best – to comfort-and-fill-you-up,

And said: “I ain’t got much, but I got me this cup!

And I-will fill-it-up as-much-as-I-can,

And we’ll-sip-on-it-together! – and-give-some-to-our-fellow-man!” 🙂

fin ❤


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