I HAVE SO MANY FRIENDS NOW!” a poem Tuesday: 10/02/18

Mental and/or Physical Conditions came knocking at my Chamber Door!*

“I’m gonna control You All!” I said. (Who could ask for more?)

“So, NOW – you-all look deeply, deeply in my eyes;

You’re getting all so sleepy!” I sought to hypnotize,

Using mind over matter – but – Does it matter at all,

What I do – anyway?

Yup! More-”disorders”-did-call!!

Until – there was a houseful – of things that might be wrong;

So, I opened up – oh-yes-I-did: with a great, big, happy song:

“The more we get together, friends, The happier we’ll be;

Let’s all be Friends,” and, ever since, there’s been so much har-mo-ny!

So friends & foes (I mean, friends & friends!) whenever conditions come and you don’t know what to do,

Don’t control! But just make friends with them** – and you won’t be so blue!

🙂 – Now ain’t that nice!?

fin ❤

Song: WAR “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

    • apologies to Edgar Allan Poe

** – your conditions, that is!