“THE KNACK!”  Texas Cowboy 😁😁

“THE KNACK!” a poem Sept. 30, 2018 [Sunday]

“Be like children – IF you truly desire,

THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN – for which you inquire!?”*

(And what does this mean?) – After 2 thousand years,

Haven’t you figured – – – it-out? My dears?

RESILIENCE-is a-key = two girls in the shower,

You can almost feel – their immaculate power!

It’s THE POWER OF LOVE = overlooking-everything!

Such JOY – Children! Can truly bring,

To The Table! So – we seal our doom,

By-sequestering-them – to another room:

And wait – ‘til they become “adult,”

When “skins of knack” – they finally molt,


Every free girl – and every free boy,

Who demonstrate – “The Jesus Laugh,”

When they’re touching – in the bath,

When they swing; when they glow,

In a meadow! Yes, we (deep-down) know!

So, whatever happens – be a kid:

DON’T TAKE “IT” SERIOUS(LY)! (Adults’ll-”flip-their-lid,”)

‘Cause adults are slaves – to-the-possession of-THE-SERIOUS,

Whereas children – well, children! are imperious! 🙂

fin. ❤

* – Do you? or have you given up!?


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