When manifesting money you must remember that the Law of Attraction states that whatever you give consistent thought to, you will create.

So, manifesting money is really not much different than trying to attract anything else in your life that you desire.

But, because money is such a huge factor in our lives, people tend to stress and worry more especially when they feel like they do not have enough of it.

But what most people fail to realize is, that by stressing and worrying about the absence of money causes your financial abundance to be held away from you longer.

You must know that you are the creator of your entire life experiences; including what you have in your bank account.

Life is reflected back to you by the thoughts that you consistently think.

So, if you are the type to always complain about how poor you are, or if you constantly think negatively about others who are thriving financially.

You aren’t doing nothing but pushing your financial abundance further and further away from you.
In order to know where you are right now when it comes to money.
Ask yourself, how do you feel about money?
When you think about money, do you feel that you are in a good place?
Are you grateful for the money that you have in your bank account right now?
Are you stress free or not worried about money because you know that there is more to come, whenever you need it?
If you have good thoughts when it comes to money then you are definitely on the right track to learning how to manifest money and becoming financially abundant.

Or, are you the type to constantly complain when the bills come in, by saying things like, I will never have enough to pay all these bills?

Do you complain about how broke you are and the fact that you will never have enough to do or buy anything that you want or desire?

You see the difference????

In order to manifest money you must change your thoughts about money. You have to know and believe that you will always be great financially.

Have you ever noticed whenever you really need something and you ask yourself; now how am I going to pay for this? Some way, somehow you figure out away or something or someone come out of the blue to help you.

This especially happens when you let go of the problem. Because once you let go of a problem the solution is able to show up.

We are all here to thrive in all areas of our lives. We were not put on this earth to struggle or suffer. You have to understand that you are in control of your thoughts. Therefore, you are the creator of everything that you want and desire.

Bill Gates said and I quote “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute”.

Most millionaires/billionaires expect to have money, therefore; money consistently flows into their experience.

Not having money is not an option for them, so they do not think in this negative way.

This is the mindset that we all must have in order to manifest money or anything else that we most desire.

Who said that we all couldn’t be financially abundant? You must imagine it, see it and feel like you already have the things that you desire.

Go to the stores that have the products that you want. Go to open houses in the neighborhoods where you would like to live. Test drive the cars that you would like to own.

Once you begin to change the way you think and feel in regards to any situation including money, you will see your life change for the better.And for those of you that have a negative mindset when it comes to money don’t be ashamed.