“TOO MUCH? FOR GRANTED!?” a poem a.k.a.: “First Prize: Your Happiness!” Saturday: 09/15/18

WHERE DO I BEGIN? (pause) I’ll make an observation:

I THINK “The World” will test us, whenever the occasion,

Arises – where we LUCK OUT?! – and get a fabulous blessing,

And-when-WONDERFUL! Drops in our lap – our tendency’s second guessing,

Whether something else* is better – so The World tests our “metal,”

To determine IF we’re worthy- or-IF maybe we will settle,

For another set of things – that has an-hypnotic-glow,

Well, will you risk – your special blessing? The Fates just wanna know,

And IF you do negotiate – the glorious WHIM you see,

Will your blessing(s) slip away? Well, don’t take it from me!!

Consider-these-matters on your own, and, when you find “a fit,”

Just treasure and prioritize, IF-you-wanna-honor-it!

Now, (a) blessing(s) can be tricky – so you must “balance” things,

SMILE a lot and wait it out – Patience sometimes brings,

Some tests – & turns & twists & times, when you might be in doubt,

BUT! IF-you-don’t-cherish-THE DIAMOND, you-might-lose-it!


Because (then) you’ll never know – how things might have become,

With this blessing in your life – and that-may be kinda dum(b)!

OF COURSE! There’re many blessings – AND YOU MIGHT PRIORITIZE,

And time will tell, when you choose well –

TO-BE-HAPPY – (is) your Grand Prize! 🙂

fin, <3

    • Sometimes, believe it or not, that other THING – is simply sitting around saying stuff like: “Well, maybe it’s not a blessing!” or “You really don’t love me … . . DO YOU?!” or “This is too good to be true, so I’ll just forget about it, ‘cause, MAYBE, it’s not real!” or you can just sit on (or in) your bed and mumble! 🙂