“SURRENDER!” a poem Friday: Sept. 21, 2018

What if we TREAT THE OTHER as “God” and see what transpires?

Expect ABUSE? – Loving Kindness? and-maybe-some-vampires,

Those fanged folks who will notice your extreme devotion,

And urge you to STRAY – and cause a commotion!

AND! Assume that Your Master – knows all this;

Pray tell: Whose arse – will you kiss!?

IF you serve two masters – and they conflict,

Which p – – -y (pause) will you choose to lick?

IT’S QUITE A CHORE – Your Strategy –

To surrender and serve, like THE GIVING TREE!*

Who always gave – and often hurt,

But! In-the-end, still (was) rooted-to-DIRT!**

[“She”* was finally able – to be what SHE longed for:

SUPPORT for Her boy – and a little bit more!!]

IF you’re a tree and you give up your fruit,

The fruit will grow back, so that’s not much hurt;

If-you-give-up-your-branches, as kindling or-for-weaves,

You sure will be shorn, losing most of your leaves;

And, IF no main-branches-or-trunk? – that could be,

THE END OF YOU – except for (perhaps) a stump we’ll see!

Perhaps just give ½ or ¾ of your fruit away,

And you’ll still have some fruit for another bright day,

BUT – If you give up a whole lot more –

The person accepting? (Could-be) “CHOICE POOR!”

And you might just consider finding another,

To be your Good Master – or, you -could be your own “mother;”

To be your own Master!? SURRENDER TO YOU!

Being kind and-a-bit-strict? Not a bad thing to do:

SURRENDER TO YOURSELF! and expect “ups” & “downs,”

AND – if you find a real good lover! – YOU CAN SHARE DUAL CROWNS!

fin. <3

* – A tree, the protagonist, in a children’s story by Shel Silverstein called (you guessed it!) THE GIVING TREE!

** – The apparent bedrock of existence!


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