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“SLEDGEHAMMER LOVES TO KNOCK YOU OUT WITH ONE THUD, BUD!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Steadfast, Slow, Sure & Sneaky – A Terrible Existence – One I Will NOT Emulate – For I AM – Less Than Nothing! BUT! I Really, Really Do Still Love You, Forever!” a.k.a. 2: “Sin, Death, Souls, Work – Rubbish!!” Sept. 19, 2018 (Wednesday) Remember: Poetry at The Holland at 6:30 P. M. – Karaoke at The Blues at 10:30 P. M. But FIRST! – Choir Rehearsal at The Church at 2:00 P. M. Whew! It’s a good thing I don’t “work,” or – maybe I just don’t “believe in it!”

Doesn’t move fast; doesn’t move slow –

El Sledgehammer, doesn’t-think-I-know,*

That SHE’s an-opponent and WILL NOT “lose,”**

And, therefore, therefore-she-often-“woos,”

To lull her opponent – into a stupor;

SHE likes to chant – to create “a looper,”

In the brain – of a flailing foe;

Thinks “intelligence” is sexy though!

But I know (or-feel) very-dumb,

And-refuse-to-”give-in,” ‘cause-I’m-a-stupid bum!

Sledgehammer’s HARD – and STOUT – and SHORT,

And waits, with cheekiness, and-likes-to-court,

Waiting-out-opponents! (Remember: She-MUST “win!)

And does-not believe – there’s any sin,***

In playing with her little bird,

AND WAITING! (It might sound absurd):

For in-just-one-moment, it’s all over,

And-she-likes being-a-little (like) rover,

A small bulldog, with jabs to the head;

Just one hit, and-you’re-really “dead,”****

But she MUST win; so-what-if-I-don’t-fight?

What-if I just sing! (a) Outside her bite? or (b) For-her tonight?

What-if-I – have (pause) a-”fatal”-move (or a lot)?

BUT – I-ain’t-hurting her – I simply will NOT!

I’ve seen her before – how with one sickening slug,

She’ll knock out “The Mightiest!!!”- “On the rug!”

Why fight? Why laugh? Why wrestle with her?

She loves all lies, with a truth-mixture!

No love-or-affection! Really, Hon?

Only “one-up-manship?” and then you’re done!?

Sledgehammer: patient, relentless, unkind,

And knocks you out, before she’ll bind,

Your soul! at least, for a thousand years,

But I have no more hopes or fears;

I’ve simply compassion – for a loveless machine,

Whom I consider – very mean!

Lies – and “sledge-ful” strength, forever,

She can keep – I AM that feather,

That-will-not-fight, but-will float around,

I wish her the best – with her loveless pound,

Of every opponent! Then, she’ll-steal-their-souls?

But I never had one,*****

Plus! I seldom “doze!”* 🙂 – Kisses! Hugs! Love! Forever!

fin. <3

    • but now SHE will (or can)!!

** – “There is no win or lose – it REALLY IS – how you play the game, and It’s ALL a game!” The Mystic Poet.

*** – me too!

**** – but I don’t believe in death either!! 🙂

**** – a soul, that is! (I don’t believe in them either!!)

Just – plain – SEXY!


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