I grew up in a little town called Santa Clara New Mexico, USA 🇺🇸 during a time when everyone treated each other like family. Our neighborhood parents disciplined us like we were their own. We didn’t eat fast food. We drank Kool-aid, ate bologna sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and had Sunday at Grandma’s house OR had Sunday Dinner At Home With Roast Beef And Mashed Potatoes 🥔 That Slow Cooked On The Stove And Was Ready When We Got Home After Church And We Were Greeted By That Wonderful Smell Of Freshly Done Roast As Dad Opened The Door!!! Mmmm Yummy 😋 For A Hungry 😋 Tummy!!! We went outside to play games like red rover, SPUD, baseball in a field with the neighborhood kids, hide and seek, swam in the creek, rode bicycles, hunted for frogs, caught fireflies, played football and basketball for hours at the neighbor’s next door, and went sledding 🛷 down the hilly streets or at Neese’s Hill and built forts in the woods.. There was no bottled water. No GMO. No microwave or cable TV. No cell phones! We had very few air conditioned buildings!

We watched cartoons on Saturday morning. Then, we went outside and played until dark. We would ride our bikes without helmets for hours…all without a cell phone or electronic games.

We weren’t afraid of ANYTHING except our parents. You LEARNED from your parents and grandparents instead of disrespecting them and treating them as if they knew nothing. What they said might as well have been the gospel. If someone had a fight, that’s what it was… a fist fight and you were back to being friends. Kids didn’t have guns and never thought of taking a life, especially not their own.

School was MANDATORY. Education was valued. Good grades were an expectation! Teachers were respected. We had God, The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, and The Lord’s Prayer. We placed our hand over our heart!!! We went to church on Sunday mornings!! We watched what we said around our elders because we knew if we DISRESPECTED any grown up we would get our behinds busted! It wasn’t called abuse. It was discipline! You didn’t hear curse words on the radio or TV. IF you cursed, you got your mouth smacked or washed out with soap. Please and Thank You were part of our daily dialogue!

We had guns hanging in the back window of trucks during hunting season. We had unlocked doors and open window on our homes and vehicles, too.

Skated Friday nights away at the local skating rink when we were young…then cruised the roads in our cars on Friday nights!

Re-post if you’re thankful for your childhood and will never forget where you came from! Wouldn’t it be nice if it were possible to get back to this way of life?

PS…I really miss those days!!! SANTA CLARA, USA 🇺🇸



  1. My upbringing, in the Boston suburb where I grew up, in the 1950’s, was very similar to the above. One kid smarted off to my father, one time, and had to deal with his OWN father, within ten minutes. He never said “Boo” to any elder in the neighbourhood, ever again.

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