“SACRIFICE TO AN OPENING!” a poem Wednesday: September 5, 2018

When-a-woman-begins to love herself – her flower opens full;

Her lips are full, her cheeks are red and honey-bees feel the pull!

When a woman begins to feel love, her juices start to flow,

And she fills up with lots of love – and-her-hips & breasts do grow,

And HONEY BEES, swarm around – and jockey for attention;

She radiates – a mystic scent, and, OH, YEA, did I mention?

Angels fly – and kiss her thigh – and whisper words of beauty –

When a woman begins to love herself, she shakes a spunky “booty!”

And men and nations bow to her and offer sacrifice,

To signify – their SWEET SURRENDER – to-the-luscious, feminine spice!

fin. <3