Hi, Facebook Friends, relatives & others that know my Dear, Ol’ Dad, UNCLE SAM, a.k.a.: Dr. Samuel Eugene Davis!! He has HAD TO CHANGE HIS E-MAIL ADDRESS and wanted me to let “everyone” KNOW of the change!!

Dr. Samuel E. Davis’ new e-mail: His phone number is the same: 972-835-1232 and, of course, we’re still stranded here in Alpine, Texas, at 300 East Harriet Street (79830). IF YOU COULD (everyone that gets this and gives “a flip”), please send a little message to DADDIO, at the new e-mail address, so he will know that you got it! Thanks!

Sorry for the inconvenience! And REMEMBER: Uncle Sam (and Aunt Kathy) love you and want you all to come visit real soon! (because, although they may NEVER die – although sometimes they smell like it – they still like your company, AND they want to keep the family together, so, when Jesus “comes,” they can throw Him a big-ol’ party and invite everyone in the family!) Anyway, that’s my guess!

Plus, no bunch of folks have more fun than those related to my Pop (Davises, et al) and my Mum (Crocketts, et al). It’s a groovy kind of love, but it helps us all to get by DAY BY DAY!

This is J-bird, a.k.a.: “Son of Sam,” wishing everyone a happy day – and a groovy tomorrow.